A decentralized ETHEREUM based Network

A token for Arbitrage and Economy on
Ethereum Blockchain.
  • Secure & Fast
  • Only 1 Million Supply
  • 100% Fair for All

What is MNT?

MONEY TOKEN is used as a currency in the case of transactions such as arbitrage between exchanges, and is also used for major cryptocurrency transactions.

This largest decentralized system provides a digital asset ecosystem that empowers you to control your own money. By using Money Token, everything will run smoothly, and transaction execution can be done in seconds.
Money Token comes with the support of blockchain technology, which allows users to receive, store and send crypto money to anyone, anywhere and anytime directly.

MNT listed ON

MNT listed on 4 Exchnages

  1. Etherflyer
  2. Bitxmi
  3. Newdex
  4. Saturn Network


BlockChain Technology
Good Demand Due to only


Token Details

Name Money Token
Symbol MNT
Platform ETH
Type ERC20
Decimal 18
Total Supply 1,00,000
Contact address 0x310da5e1e61cd9d6eced092f085941089267e71e

Token Distribution & Allocation

  • 10% Marketing and Promotion

  • 20% 1st Round Airdrop

  • 20% for Selfdrop

  • 5% 2nd round Airdrop

  • 35% Reserve

  • 10% for Team


March 2020
Development – Website Launch
May 2020
Self Drop start - Airdrop End
August 2020
Exchange Listing
APRIL 2020
1st round airdrop - Exchange listing
June 2020
Exchange Listing - 2nd round airdrop
July 2020
Selfdrop end - Exchange Listing

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